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We must do what we can to help the curlew

CurlewIf you enjoy the countryside, it’s likely that you’ll know and love the curlew.

But it is a species in serious trouble, not just here but worldwide.

There has been a 60% decline in the UK population since the beginning of the 1970s, and with one in four of the world's Eurasian Curlew breeding in the UK, we have a greater responsibility for its survival.

Our Upland Predation Experiment at Otterburn showed that curlew fledged more chicks on keepered ground than unkeepered ground and there was an observed increase in the local breeding population.

With your support, we can get our voice heard

Help us to draw together our key curlew research in a single document, which we can update as new science informs us and best practice evolves. This will prove an essential tool in briefing journalists, policymakers and the public, putting the facts at the forefront of the on-going discussion.

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How you can help

 helps cover the cost of briefing politicians and journalists with facts about game management and curlew

£100 could help us to raise awareness by writing peer-reviewed literature to inform our understanding of curlew survival

£250 helps us to continue researching the factors causing curlew decline across the UK

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