03 February 2020

Help support Welsh farmers by getting involved in this year’s Big Farmland Bird Count

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There are several Big Farmland Bird Count ID workshops taking place across Wales which aim to get farmers and other wildlife enthusiasts ready and up to speed with bird identification before the official 10-day count period from 7-16 February.

“The aim is to get warmed up and know your birds so that we can see what is out on our farmland. ,” This time of year, known as the hungry-gap, is difficult for farmland birds and survival is low due to lack of food. However, lots can be done to help birds survive the winter and the Big Farmland Bird Count highlights the great work being done on farms across Wales,” says Matt Goodall from GWCT Wales, who will be hosting the events.

“The key is to take notice of what we have and to celebrate the work of so many farmers who work tirelessly in conservation, delivering a huge amount of birds and biodiversity,” says Matt, who encourages as many farms to take part in the count and upload the information. There’s nothing wrong with asking a friend who can i.d. the birds to come along or even do the count for you.

The events are morning sessions limited to 15 people and booking is essential. The remaining dates are: 

12 February 2020 - Llwyn Y Brain, Adfa, Newtown

“The Big Farmland Bird Count aims to raise the awareness that there is still time to reverse bird declines with the right help,” says Matt.

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