19 November 2021

Find beautiful new wildlife art in time for Christmas, and support the GWCT’s vital research

Original artworks by painter Ben Hoskyns and printmaker Sarah Cemmick are now available to buy from the GWCT Online Wildlife Art Gallery gwctgallery.org.uk.

25% of the proceeds from their work sold via the site will go to the Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust (GWCT), supporting vital research to enhance the British countryside and boost biodiversity. Both artists join the GWCT gallery as guest artists, alongside work by resident artists.

“Science-based research is the only truly effective way of showing the benefit of good shoot management to all forms of wildlife,” commented Ben Hoskyns. “I have always been passionate about conservation and have supported the GWCT throughout my 33 years as a wildlife artist - with exhibitions, donations and illustration work - so I was delighted to be asked to exhibit in the gallery.”

Ben has been a full-time professional artist since 1988, specialising in oils of British wildlife. In recent years he has developed more as a landscape artist. His studies of birds and animals are often part of a progression towards his larger pieces, while many of the smaller landscapes are part of that same development so that there may be several different versions of a particular view – a change of angle, light or narrative – but each instilling that feeling of ‘being there’ and capturing the essence of the British countryside.

Woodcock By Ben Hoskyns

Ben has illustrated several books and wrote and illustrated Holland & Holland’s The Nature of Game (1994), with a foreword by the Duke of Edinburgh. More recently he has collaborated with some of the country’s leading wildlife artists to produce the three books in the Artists’ Impressions series: The Woodcock, The Grouse, and Deer.

View Ben's work >

On being invited to be a guest artist in the GWCT gallery, Sarah Cemmick said: “As a wildlife artist my inspiration comes from the natural world around me. Without conservative bodies like the GWCT whose dedicated research supports the biodiversity of our country I would have far fewer species to choose from. It’s an honour to be included with some many talented wildlife artists supporting the cause.”

Sarah graduated in Environmental Illustration from the University of Sunderland in 1996. With help from the Prince’s Trust, she began printmaking full time, which started a love affair with Lino. She now lives and works in Cumbria.

Washday By Sarah Cemmick

Using traditional printing techniques, with the same set of tools she has used since her very first linocut, Sarah’s designs are carved into lino blocks. Prints are pulled using linseed oil ink which then allows some pieces to be additionally tinted with watercolour to add texture. Her current collection of work is inspired by the seasons and the botanical elements to match each month through the year.

Sarah’s works are held in private collections across the globe and have been commissioned by the National Trust, Artists Cards Ltd and Holland & Holland, London, and can be seen at galleries throughout the UK.

View Sarah's work >

The GWCT online gallery was set up in 2020 by the GWCT and renowned artist and GWCT supporter Ashley Boon in response to the effects of the pandemic on charities and artists. Recognising that cancelled events were causing charities to miss out on much-needed fundraising income, and that artists were struggling to find outlets for their work, Ashley suggested creating an online selling exhibition.

He offered some of his own work and recruited sculptor in bronze Ian Greensit who, along with Ashley, became the new gallery’s resident artists. Since then, the gallery has also featured several guest artists, including Roger McPhail, Owen Williams and Alistair Makinson.

Find the GWCT Online Wildlife Art Gallery at gwctgallery.org.uk

Notes to editors

Images: 'Woodcock' by Ben Hoskyns,
​​​​​​​'Washday' by Sarah Cemmick

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