Contact details on crow cage traps

Carrion crowUnder the current General Licences issued by Scottish Natural Heritage, operators of multi-catch crow cages, Larsen traps and Larsen mates and pod traps are required to have a contact telephone number for their local police station or wildlife crime officer (WCO), along with their identification number, fixed to their trap.

The GWCT has received a number of questions regarding this requirement, which can cause difficulties for some land managers who, for example, have a part-time local police station or a newly appointed WCO with a different telephone number. The GWCT has discussed this with Police Scotland and practitioners are now advised to attach the non-emergency telephone number 101 to their traps.

For further information on General Licences in Scotland, please see the SNH website and for further information on best practice predator control and our popular courses, please contact our Advisory Services on 01738 551511.

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