Legal and humane snare use in Scotland

TrainingIt has never been more important for game and wildlife managers to be up to date with the latest legislation, and training requirements for fox and rabbit snaring now insisted upon by Scottish Government. The Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust's advisory services continue to host a series of excellent bespoke snare training and other predator control best practice days throughout Scotland for those who manage the countryside.

The events are a great opportunity to be fully compliant with various aspects under the Wildlife and Natural Environment Act. There is now a legal obligation for anyone wishing to set a snare to sit the Scottish Government approved training course. Successful candidates will be awarded a certificate, which must then be presented in person to the local police who in turn will issue the individual with a unique ID number. It has been illegal to set a fox or rabbit snare since 1st April 2013 without the operator's ID number attached.  We would urge all those who do not have the required certification* to apply for these courses. It is essential that anyone practicing gamekeeping, wildlife or land management is fully aware of their training needs. This tailored programme of courses meets the needs of those who are on the ground looking after our game and wildlife. Every session will highlight the fundamental importance of animal welfare and will provide a clear legal steer as well as useful hands-on tips through practical demonstrations.

*Those who have sat a snaring course run by either GWCT, SGA or BASC during or after May 2010 need not resit the course. Those who sat the course in March or April 2010 should contact the training provider and ask for their original certificate to be reissued with current date. 

Snaring operators who have successfully completed an approved snaring course and have a valid certificate should apply now in person at their local police station for a unique identification number, which must be attached to all snares set from 1st April 2013. An application form should be completed and taken in person to your local police station with your original snaring certificate, proof of identity (passport/driving licence), a passport photo and £20 fee. Please click on the link to download the Police Scotland application form.

If you would like to be added to our waiting list, please contact our Scottish Headquarters - 01738 551511 or

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