Scottish General Licences for 2024

NatureScot has now published detail of its General Licences for 2024.

The operational detail of General Licences for birds 01, 02, 03 and 04/2024 remain the same as those issued from 1 January 2023. It is likely that anyone relying on these licences for bird species management can expect changes to the wording of these licences in 2025 following NatureScot’s wider species review due to be undertaken in 2024. We will endeavour to keep our members informed on this throughout this year.

The key exception is for General Licence 14/2024, which now includes the use of the Quill Spring Trap to kill stoats for the conservation of wild birds or for prevention of serious damage to livestock. The manufacturer’s instructions for the use of the Quill Spring Trap can be found here. NatureScot has issued this licence with a validity period of five years and, as with all general licences, will keep this under review. For full details of GL 14, see NatureScot General Licence - GL14/2024.

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