Scottish General Licences for 2021

Curlew on Dinnet MoorGLs in Scotland remain the same in 2021.

Following a substantial consultation in 2019, and into 2020, NatureScot (SNH) confirms that there will be no changes to the Scottish General Licences from 1 January 2021. Significant changes were made in 2020 relating to which species are included on certain licences for certain purposes, including the removal of rooks from GL01 - for the conservation of wild birds.

The new licences now require individual trap operators to register in advance with NatureScot, and all traps must display this registration number. The new licences detail a number of additional specific conditions which apply to the use of General Licences over certain designated sites in Scotland. The new licences, maps and conditions for use over designated sites can be found here.

You can follow this link to register as a trap operator with NatureScot.

GWCT Scotland was one of the bodies involved in bilateral discussions with NatureScot over the General Licences and we look forward to engaging with them as the whole licensing landscape in Scotland evolves in the future.

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