Students on placement at GWSDF Auchnerran and Scottish Lowland projects

Liz Fitzpatrick is one of the new Scottish Lowlands placement students and is working on the PARTRIDGE project this year. She is from Scarborough, studies Biology at the University of Leeds, and has a particular interest in conservation. Liz says she is excited to be spending the year with the GWCT, and has picked up many invaluable skills she feels she can use in the future such as bird ID.

Scottish PARTRIDGE Students 2020-21

Tamara Spivey is from the Peak District and is a student at the University of Reading studying Zoology. She is particularly interested in the evolutionary aspects of biodiversity and how we can harness conservation efforts to protect and sustain the natural world. More recently she has taken an interest in how biodiversity is impacted by human disturbances and how the recent Covid-19 pandemic has brought a perceived increase in this level of disturbance.

Olivia Stubbington (left) from Bournemouth is a placement student at Auchnerran, the GWCT Scottish Demonstration farm. Olivia is studying for a BSc (hons) Environmental Science at the University of Plymouth. Her interests include wildlife photography and she is hoping to pursue a career in wildlife conservation.

Auchnerran Students 2020-21

Sophie McPeake (right) is from Northern Ireland and is also a placement student at Auchnerran. She is studying Environmental Management with Professional Studies at Queen’s University, Belfast. In the future she is considering furthering her studies and undertaking a Conservation-related postgraduate qualification with the hope of eventually securing a career in conservation/ecology.

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