2024 GWCT Scotland Training Courses

We plan to run the following best practice training courses in 2024. Successful candidates will receive a GWCT certificate to help demonstrate due diligence and responsibility as required under the W&NE Act.

Please click on the course date below to book your place. If you require any further help or require a group booking, please contact us on 0131 202 7670 or scottishhq@gwct.org.uk. You can also download our brochure here.

Snaring – £48 per person inc. VAT

Although Scottish Government has confirmed their intention to ban snaring later this year, the use of snares currently remain a legitimate and important tool in the game and wildlife management toolbox. Our Scottish Government approved fox and rabbit snaring course provides candidates with the necessary certificate to obtain their unique ID number, which must by law be attached to all snares set in Scotland. Fundamental to the course is the emphasis placed on welfare, in addition to best practice, species conservation and legal updates.

Corvid Control (inc. vicarious liability) – £72 per person inc. VAT

Corvid control is a vital tool for countryside managers. When done well it can be hugely beneficial to the conservation of our game and wildlife. This course has been developed to ensure those practicing corvid control in Scotland can do so with the confidence that they are operating within the law whilst demonstrating due diligence and welfare considerations.

Lowland Deer Management - £72 per person inc. VAT

Our new lowland deer management course is centred around population survey techniques, cull planning and record keeping as well as changes in legislation and best practice. This half-day course is best suited to participants new to, or with a basic understanding of, lowland deer management.

Mustelid Control (tunnel trapping) – £72 per person inc. VAT

With significant changes to tunnel trapping legislation now in place throughout the UK, this popular course keeps trappers fully up to date with both legal and humane control issues. The session will address the legal aspects of the various trapping methods for stoat, weasel and rodent control employed by keepers and wildlife managers as well as the equipment required and best practice advice.

Grouse Health & Disease – £72 per person inc. VAT

This training opportunity addresses the increasing need for grouse moors to assemble documented evidence to demonstrate best practice. The half-day course will focus on the latest management techniques for the control of strongyle worm burdens and tick in red grouse. A must for those requiring medicated grit prescriptions!

Rat Control for Gamekeepers (& Farmers) – £150 + VAT per person (for members), £200 + VAT per person (for non-members)

This full-day course has been put together by those directly involved in the sector for the sector, and having this qualification is an essential part of every gamekeeper's skill set. Successful attendees will be able to purchase and deploy second generation anticoagulant rodenticides in open rural areas as part of their integrated approach for enhancing biodiversity, the conservation of ground-nesting birds, food security and, of course, human health.

Young Shooters Day – £50 per person inc. VAT

Depending on demand, we are able to present this day at our Game & Wildlife Demonstration Farm at Auchnerran, Logie Coldstone, Aberdeenshire AB34 5PT.

Youngsters (boys and girls) aged 12-15 will have an opportunity to take part in an inspiring and hands-on day of shooting tuition and basic game and shoot management developed by the GWCT. This fun-filled, practical and informative day would be held on a summer date appropriate to school holidays.

Additional Training

Prices quoted for courses are based on a minimum of ten candidates per course. Fewer attendees may result in higher per head costs.

Tailored On-Shoot Advisory Visits and 2024 Fees

  • Half day – £620 + VAT
  • Full day – £820 + VAT
  • Formal reports (starts at) – £620 + VAT

Our professional advisors can provide a practical one-to-one visit to your shoot, farm or estate to advise on any shoot, game and wildlife management issues that are specific to you and your land. For further information please download our brochure or contact 0131 202 7670 or scottishhq@gwct.org.uk.