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Having a demonstration farm in Scotland has been a GWCT objective for ten years. Demonstration is at the heart of the GWCT’s Allerton Project at Loddington in Leicestershire. Over 20 years this has become a showpiece for our farmland research, demonstrating that good arable farming and game shooting management sustain wildlife and countryside income.


Now is an important time to secure a Scottish demonstration farm for the GWCT with grazing, upland and shooting interests. The Common Agricultural Policy and the Land Reform (Scotland) Bill present very challenging proposals for those who invest in shooting and farming, and who also enjoy wildlife. Our politicians are not yet persuaded that there is a real risk to Scotland’s countryside in marginalising investment in such beneficial management. We believe practical examples, backed with good science and our advice put into practice, can change such views.

The Auchnerran Demonstration Farm for game and wildlife will:

  • Show how farm income and wildlife are compatible.
  • Show that management for shooting can be key to achieving the above.
  • Show that private investment is the most cost-effective way of supporting farming and shooting.

Please support our demo farm at Auchnerran

Help us show how farm income and wildlife can go hand in hand.

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