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About the farm


Auchnerran occupies 1,030 acres (417 ha) of hill-edge land near Logie Coldstone on Deeside in Aberdeenshire. It is located on the edge of a bowl-shaped geographical feature known as the Howe of Cromar.

  • Established in late 2014.
  • 1,030 acres (417 ha) of hill-edge land near Logie Coldstone, Deeside.
  • Highly typical hill-edge sheep farm:
    • 20% arable/ploughable (game crops, cover crops)
    • Silage and brassicas
    • 30% pasture
    • 40% rough grazing
    • 10% wood/other
  • This type of farming covers over 36% of Scottish farmland.
  • The farm lies adjacent to 12,300 acres (5,000ha) of heather moorland owned by Dinnet Estate.
  • The farm manages 1,030 ewes with the aim to support 1,500.
  • The moor is summer grazed by the hefted sheep flock.
  • There is an important link between sheep farming and moor management which provide benefits for the availability of forage on the low ground over the winter period, sheep health, moorland habitat conservation and grouse management.
  • Agricultural short limited duration tenancies (SLDTs) have been secured for both the farmland and moorland grazing. These include the right to claim all available subsidy: basic payment and other support for maintaining sheep grazing to benefit the conservation of the moor.
  • Previous low-intensity management has resulted in abundant wildlife and a mosaic of habitats.

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