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  • Working alongside the world’s largest grouse

    Working alongside the world’s largest grouse

    in: Auchnerran Blog under: Nature , GWCT Scotland

    The capercaillie is a truly magnificent species, one that almost seems too significant and primeval to occur in the small remaining pockets of Caledonian pine forests in the 21st century. The small, declining population of this species is now centred in Strathspey, with fewer individuals occurring in Deeside and Easter Ross. This, sadly, makes observing capercaillie particularly rare in Scotland.

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  • Busy times on the farm

    Busy times on the farm

    in: Auchnerran Blog under: Farming , Nature

    Auchnerran is a hive of activity right now. For a start, we have more people working here than we’ve had before as we pull together more information about our wader and rabbit populations. And by all accounts the sheep flock, under Allan’s shepherding skills, is doing well.

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  • Dabbling for dragonflies

    Dabbling for dragonflies

    in: Auchnerran Blog under: Nature

    Marlies Nicolai finds out which dragon fly species are present in their nymph stage at Auchnerran.

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  • The Quest for Wildcats!

    The Quest for Wildcats!

    in: Auchnerran Blog under: Nature

    Alison Espie, The Game and Wildlife Scottish Demonstration Farm’s research assistant, explains how to track down Scotland’s elusive Wildcats.

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