2016 Big Farmland Bird Count – Bird ID Days announced

IddaysWe recognise that not everyone is a farmland bird expert and it can sometimes be difficult to tell a house sparrow from a tree sparrow or a rook from a crow…. you are not alone so to help, in partnership with our sponsors BASF, some fantastic host farmers and local bird experts we have organised a series of Farmland Bird ID days.

We ran 10 last year and such was their popularity (they sold out very quickly - some within hours!) that 17 more dates are being organised for January and February 2016.

Each day will be run by a farmland bird expert from 11am to 3pm and a colour ID guide will be provided with a focus on birds that are harder to identify. At the end of the training participants should be able to recognise some of those difficult to identify “little brown jobs” (LBJ’s) likely to be seen on farmland this coming winter.


Lunch is included and participants will be able to go out on a farm to do some bird identification in the afternoon.

Places are very limited so you are advised to book online now - tickets are only £10 each. You can book online now using the links below:


Farmland Bird Count

at 22:47 on 15/12/2015 by Arthur Branthwaite

Disappointed that there is no opportunity in my local Cheshire area. Come on Cheshire farmers, get involved next time around. Some great game shoots in the County and no representation 😩

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