Top 5 things to do this spring


The weather may still be mixed but we are only two weeks away from Easter which means Spring is just round the corner. Here is your to-do list... 

1. Spring feeding

Despite the improving weather, there is little food available for wildlife at this time of year. Keeping feed hoppers topped up until May is vital for the survival of songbirds and left over game.

2. Habitat management

Spring is the perfect time to evaluate how the shooting season went and make adjustments to existing cover crops. Careful planning can make significant improvements to the following season’s shooting.

3. Return rates

Having an understanding of your return rates is vital for knowing how your birds hold. If you’ve tagged your birds you will have an accurate understanding of how your release areas perform and which parts of your shoot your birds like the most. You may like to consider joining our tagging study run by Maureen Woodburn. For more information, please email mwoodburn@gwct.org.uk.

4. Rat control

Many predators impact upon nesting game and songbirds and one which needs controlling effectively is the rat. New stewardship rules require users of professional rodenticides to have been trained and examined in order to buy and use these chemicals.

5. Partridge counting

If you have a grey partridge population then spring is the time to count the pairs giving you an idea of over-winter survival. Please don’t forget to submit your data to the GWCT Partridge Count Scheme.

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