Mark the start of the grouse season with GWCT

Mark the start of the grouse season with our once in a lifetime raffle draws and special offers on GWCT best sellers. 

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Grand Grouse Draw 2018

Don't miss the chance for you and eight friends to win an unforgettable days driven grouse shooting on Glenogil Estate, one of the finest estates in Scotland, with luxury accommodation for 18 guests included.

Tickets are £40 per book of 20.

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A Passion for Grouse
A beautifully illustrated guide to the grouse, including its life and moorland habitat, gamekeeping, the sporting season, other moorland wildlife, and grouse recipes.

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GWCT Tie with Grouse
Beautifully made pure silk tie featuring a grouse covey motif. Available in blue, burgundy & green.

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GWCT Gun Draw

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The Moorland Balance - now only £5.95

Our #1 best selling book based on the Trust’s submission to the Westminster debate on grouse shooting in late 2016, this book is a go-to guide for those with an interest in the British uplands and is based on years of research and practical experience, both from the Trust and other parties.

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