100 down, 400 to go – are you one of them?

At the start of July, we set out a challenge, to find 500 new members before the end of the year. I’m delighted to say that, a little over two weeks later, 100 of you have risen to that challenge and signed up.

From each of our 100 staff to each of our 100 new members - thank you.

Each one of you is helping someone to do their job. Whether it’s a fisheries scientist, an field ecologist, an advisor, a policy officer, a designer or a farm manager, every single member is making a meaningful contribution to our work.

This has been a difficult year for everyone. It’s well-publicised that we are looking at a considerable shortfall in income this year, and possibly for years to come. I opened by diary this week and when I saw it blocked out for Game Fair preparation, my heart sank. In any other year, we would be putting together displays, loading vans, sorting out staff rotas – all in preparation for a community coming together.

Well, for the past fortnight, it has felt like that community has rallied around in a different way. We launched the 500 Club with some very kind words from Rachel Carrie, calling the GWCT an organisation ‘we simply couldn’t survive without’. Since then, not only have our supporters been stepping up to become members, we’ve received support from all different walks of life.

Mary Colwell, the wonderful producer and writer whose passion for curlew might well be unparalleled, spoke out about the need for sound, peer-reviewed science, chef Jose Souto said that it’s ‘crucially important that we all support the GWCT and its work’ and Rob Denny of the Monnow Rivers Association said we have ‘helped transform our environment’.

I was touched when Richard Negus, a long-time supporter of ours, contacted me to say the following:

Richard Negus

If you would like to share what the GWCT means to you, please email me editor@gwct.org.uk.

At events, dinners or down the pub, I’ll often end up talking to people about my work and they’re always most surprised to know we have just 20,000 members. To achieve the work we do with that support shows just how passionate and generous every one of you is.

In the past 12 months we’ve achieved some remarkable things – tagged 10,000 juvenile salmon, had 37 letters published in the press, saw our 97th successful GWCT PhD student, published over 30 scientific papers and made a serious contribution to the consultation on general licences. None of this is possible without our members.

If you’ve ever considered joining, now is the time to really make a difference.

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What you receive when you join

✓ £10m Public Liability Insurance covering a wide range of sporting and recreational activities including shooting and fishing - coverage starts as soon as you join, even if you are visiting from overseas.

✓ A free copy of our bestselling new book The Knowledge - Every Gun's Guide to Conservation worth £15.95, plus a free opportunity to become a GWCT Accredited Game Shot (non-members pay £40).

✓ Exclusive discounts from our Premium Partners including 30% off your next order at Musto, no matter  what the total value and 40% off magazine titles including The Field, Shooting Times, Sporting Gun and Shooting Gazette.

✓ Access to dozens of unique courses and exciting events taking place throughout the year.

✓ Participation in the exclusive members' prize draw raffles including shoot raffles and gun draws.

✓ Free copies of Gamewise, our feature-packed magazine, and our Annual Review.

✓ Access to our members' area at the Scottish Game Fair and priority parking.

✓ Regular email updates containing all our latest news and research findings.

✓ The chance to visit our pioneering Allerton Project Farm at Loddington for a guided tour.

✓ You can join your local County Group and get directly involved.

✓ Knowledge that you're helping the British countryside thrive both now and in the future.


Want to join and become a GWCT Accredited Game Shot now?

Visit www.gwctknowledge.com where you can join and then earn your accreditation certificate online.

Testimonials from members

"Belonging to an organisation that is so dedicated to preserving the countryside makes me proud to be doing my bit. The perks that come with it are just the icing on the cake."

"My GWCT membership is worth every penny. The Trust benefit from my contribution and I get to attend some fantastic events."

"The membership is worth every penny for the work the GWCT do at the Allerton Project alone."

"Initially I supported the GWCT as it scientifically provided best practice for the rural environment. Having got to know the organisation better two other significant branches have become evident. Very wide ranging rural research from water voles and woodcock to soil run off and headland strips. Active political lobbying defending the rural way of life that is under increasing threat from ignorance."

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