Field corners

Field cornerField corners tend to be unproductive areas of crop because they are difficult to work and subject to a good deal of compaction. A good solution is to square off the field and take the awkward corners and irregular edges out of cultivation. These areas can then be developed for wildlife.

On farmland where there is little or no hedgerow cover, these field corners can become important habitats for grey partridge and pheasant. They can be turned into nesting cover by sowing with tussock-forming grasses like cocksfoot. Once established, these can be left without further cutting. On other field corners, or on other sections of the larger field corners, one could sow a wildflower mix which can be cut each year. Although this will not be tall enough to be good brood cover, it will make feeding and dusting places for the birds after they have fledged. This will also create good grazing for hares and deer, and the perennial wild flowers will support butterflies and other insects. 

Corner management is a valuable option for arable farmland. Most farms certainly have one or two places where this option would be worthwhile.

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