Technical specifications

These are the details of the snare tested in the trials described here. Only a snare with this exact specification is known to have the field performance described.

There is no restriction on use of this design, but manufacturers may not associate commercial products with GWCT or with GWCT field trials except using wording agreed with GWCT.

Snare users should note that GWCT is unable to monitor market products or to carry out quality control, so they should check purchased products carefully against these specifications. Known quality issues to be aware of are listed here.

Snare component   Specifications
Cable   2.0mm diam, 7x7-strand stainless steel wire rope, min. breaking load = 240kg (2.35kN)
Running eye-lock   Kaatz Brothers Relax-A-Lock, aperture interfacing with breakaway enlarged to 6mm
Min. snare loop stop   7mm domed steel-rivet body
Breakaway device   Ultimate SmartLink, 80-100lb model, measured breaking load 33.51kg ± SD 4.05, equivalent to a force of 0.329kN. Fitted between the lock and a purpose-made copper end crimp.
Joining crimps   Pro Rigger copper double-barrel sleeves, 2.2mm, hydraulically crimped; also a purpose-made copper single-barrel end crimp joining breakaway to cable end.
End swivel   Pro Rigger heavy-duty Crane swivel, size 8/0, nominal breaking load 408kg (900lb)
In-line swivel   Pro Rigger Aussie swivel, size 8/0, nominal breaking load 408kg (900lb)
Anchor-point attachment   2 x steel 5mm D-shackles
Support collar   Pro Rigger heavy-duty copper double-barrel sleeve
Support (tealer)   600mm long x 3mm diameter copper-wire rod
Snare length   Top section 71.5cm (running eye to center of middle swivel); lower section 35cm (center of middle swivel to end of anchor swivel); overall 106.5cm
Min. snare loop-stop position   26cm (distance from running eye, measured along cable)


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