GWCT Premium Membership FAQs

Q. Who can purchase this new, ‘with benefits’ Premium membership?
A. Any individual.

Q. Is there a younger age limit?
A. No. The insurance benefit applies to our list of recreational activity, conducted within the law.

Q. How much does this new, ‘with benefits’ Premium membership cost?
A. £99 per membership by Direct Debit, credit or debit card. 

Q. How can I pay?
A. By Direct Debit, credit card or debit card.

Q. When will my membership/insurance cover commence?
A. As soon as we receive your application. You can join here

Q. Can existing GWCT members opt for this new Premium membership?
A. Yes. Existing members should complete a new instruction to their bank by joining again here and cancel their existing subscription. If you choose to switch memberships before your renewal date the balance of your old membership will go towards existing research projects. 

Q. I’m already a GWCT member – can I just add insurance to my existing membership?
A. No. Premium membership is completely different to any other GWCT membership package, including Life membership. This new Premium membership category contains a bundle of personal benefits that can’t be purchased separately or added to other membership types.

Q. Can I Gift Aid with this type of membership?
A. No. The personal benefits you receive exceed HMRCs threshold for Gift Aid. 

Q. What would you recommend I do?  Is this the best insurance for me?
A. You may read about the cover provided here but the GWCT are not qualified to provide advice. 

Q. Is there an excess on the insurance policy?
A. Yes, the policy has a £250 excess for each and every loss. The cost will be borne by the defendant.  This excess does not apply to injury claims. 

Q. What activities are included under the policy?
A. You can see which activities are covered here.

Q. Do the conservation activities covered include major landscaping and forestry work such as felling trees?
A. No. The policy is for low level conservation activities such as: mowing grass; hedge laying and cutting; planting trees, bushes and cover crops etc.

Q. Am I covered at a clay competition?
A. Yes, the policy explicitly includes recreational clay shooting. However, other competition and/or competitive activity is not.

Q. Sometimes I receive a tip or occasional payment. Am I still covered?
A. If the payments are incidental (i.e. this is not your job) and total below £5,000 a year you are covered by this policy. However, any form of professional and/or trade activity is not.

Q: If I am paid when my dogs pick-up at a local shoot, will this insurance policy cover me?
A: Yes, as long as these payments are not your job and total less than £5,000 a year.

Q. Why is this membership more expensive?
A. This £96 Premium membership provides you with a high level of personal benefits whilst also supporting vital conservation research. If you wish to just fund the research alone please join us here for £69. 

Q. What geographical area does the insurance cover?
A. The territorial limits of this policy are Worldwide excluding USA and Canada.  

Q. If I live outside the UK, would I be covered when I am visiting the UK?
A. Yes. Those living overseas and visiting the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man would be covered for the activities listed during their visit. Should a claim occur, it would be dealt with under UK Jurisdiction in a UK court.

Q. If I live in the UK and make incidental trips abroad which countries would I be covered?
A. The territorial limits of this policy are Worldwide excluding USA and Canada.

Q. Who should I contact in the event of a claim?
A. Should you need to make a claim contact please contact us on 01425 651024 (Monday to Friday - 9am to 5pm).

Q. Does this policy include any form of professional and/or trade activity (or other financial gain)?
A. No.

Q. Does this policy cover motor or self-propelled vehicles?
A. No. The law requires motor vehicle to have their own policy.

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