Insurance for GWCT Premium Members

LycettsGWCT Premium Members are covered by an insurance policy arranged by Lycetts Insurance Brokers and automatically receive the following insurance package as soon as they join (full policy and schedule can be read here and here):

  • £10 million Public Liability Cover
  • £10 million Product Liability Cover
  • £10 million Employers' Liability Cover

Activities covered  by the insurance policy

    • Bird watching
    • Rough shooting
    • Walked up shooting
    • Driven shooting
    • Clay pigeon shooting
    • Wildfowling
    • Deer Stalking
    • Vermin & pest control
    • Wildlife photography
    • Conservation activities (excluding professional work)
    • Fishing & angling, including sea fishing from shoreline only
    • Ferreting
    • Gun dog handling (whilst undertaking an activity in field sports or training)
    • Cover is extended to include the use of hand propelled boats, motorised boats whether hand or motor propelled, including the use of small boats, yachts, pleasure craft and/or vessels used on inland waterways up to a maximum waterline length of 15 metres whilst conducting a GWCT recognised recreational activity.
    • And any such similar Gamekeeping and/or Country Sports activities as individually agreed and approved by GWCT and the Insurer

Exclusions from the insurance policy

  • Any professional and/or trade activity. Please note that those receiving incidental payments below £5,000 a year (e.g. tips or occasional non-professional payments) are covered on this policy. 
  • Competition and/or competitive activity. Please note that recreational clay pigeon shooting days are covered on this policy.
  • Claims relating to coronavirus disease.

Excess on the insurance policy

The policy has a £250 excess for each and every loss. The cost will be borne by the defendant. This excess does not apply to injury claims.

Geographical area covered by the insurance policy

The Territorial Limits under this policy are: Worldwide, excluding the United States of America and Canada.

Those living overseas and visiting the areas outlined above would be covered for the activities listed during their visit. Should a claim occur, it would be dealt with under UK Jurisdiction in a UK court.

Making a claim

Should you need to make a claim contact please contact us on 01425 651024 (Monday to Friday - 9am to 5pm).

Insurance Document Downloads

Have a question about insurance?

If you have a question about insurance please contact

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