18 February 2013

A final chance to hear a Grenadier's personal account of Afghanistan

A final opportunity to hear the ‘behind the headline’ experiences of a serving officer of the Grenadier Guards while on a recent tour of Afghanistan has been arranged by the Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust at a specially organised evening talk in Oxfordshire in March.

The talk will be given at Seacourt Tower in Botley, Oxfordshire on Wednesday 20 March, and aims to raise important funds for both the Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust (GWCT), as well as The Colonel's Fund. The GWCT's invaluable scientific research has yielded important insights into a variety of bird and wildlife species. Recent high-profile projects include a joint initiative with French scientists to investigate Atlantic salmon decline, recommendations for the feeding of starving birds during the 'hungry gap' of winter, and the popular 'Woodcock Watch' website that tracks the elusive bird via satellite tagging.

The 1st Battalion has been at the forefront of military activity in Helmand Province for the last 6 months. The Battalion has been highly successful in creating the conditions necessary for responsibility for security to be handed over to the Afghan National Army and Police and it is highly regarded for its professionalism. Sadly, success has come at a considerable cost with four Grenadiers killed in action, one dying of his wounds, and 46 sustaining battle injuries including three single amputees, four double amputees, two loss of eyes, and numerous blast injuries and gunshot wounds of varying seriousness.

The Colonel's Fund helps to support both Grenadiers with life-changing injuries and the families of those who have been killed in action. The GWCT's president, the Marquess of Salisbury, has strong family ties with the Grenadier Guards past and present, as his father, grandfather, three brothers and son have all served with the regiment.

Mel Dellow, national events organiser for the GWCT said, “Raising funds for any charity can be challenging and we were looking at new ways of reaching out to a different audience in order to raise money to support our own wildlife research as well as helping to provide funds for the hugely important Colonel’s Fund. I can guarantee that the audience at this event will be captivated by this deeply personal account, especially as it will go beyond the news headlines to offer an insightful view of the daily dramas that these soldiers face in unpredictable and dangerous situations.”

This promises to be a unique insight into the dramatic reality behind over-familiar headlines. For more information or to buy tickets please contact Tom Windett on 07775 542467 or by email at tom.windett@barclays.com.


Notes to editors

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