26 November 2013

GWCT provide bird-ringing training in India

A collaboration between the GWCT and the Wildlife Department of Himachal Pradesh saw our very own Dr Francis Buner visiting the Great Himalayan National Park in India at the end of October to run a two-week bird-ringing training course. Francis taught 23 trainees aged 18-35 how bird ringing helps to study bird populations, migration behaviour and ultimately conservation.

During his time there Francis caught a staggering 57 different bird species, from resident birds along the local mountain stream and mixed woodland to high altitude and Trans-Himalayan migrants on their way to their wintering grounds in the plains of southern India.

Below are a selection of photos taken throughout the course:

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Discussing the master plan - Tim Walker (BTO A-finger and trainer)
and Sal Pal Dhiman (Wildlife Department of Himachal Pradesh).

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Teaching where and how to set mist nets.

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Setting up a mist net.

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Setting a net across the river.

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Teaching how to measure birds.

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Francis crossing the river to the field site.

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Francis in action teaching bird ringing.

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Francis with a wallcreeper.

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Francis empowering the future generation of bird and other wildlife conservationists in India.

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Rufous-bellied Niltava.

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Crested kingfisher.

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Devinder with his favourite bird, speckled forktail.

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Trainee measuring the head of a bird.

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Blue-fronted redstart, first year male.

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Asian barred owlet.

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Little forktail.

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White-capped water redstart.

575354 10151859065284442 1664037119 N
White-throated fantail.

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Group photo with all trainees and trainers and the National Park Director.