21 September 2018

‘A blow for wildlife’ - GWCT disappointed at ‘bizarre’ Natural Resources Wales decision to end shooting on their land

Issue date: 21st September 2018

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The Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust (GWCT) feels the Natural Resources Wales (NRW) decision to end shooting on their land is a blow for wildlife. Our scientific studies have shown that pheasant shoots which implement good habitat management and follow codes of practice can deliver significant biodiversity benefits. This extensive evidence was submitted to the recent NRW review of shooting which concluded shooting should continue on NRW land. However this decision to ignore their own findings is bizarre. When the same evidence was previously reviewed by the RSPB they also concluded “the positive effects of habitat management are likely to result in a positive net conservation impact”.

Sue Evans, GWCT Director Wales said, ‘We are disappointed that the Minister Hannah Blythyn has acted against the NRW review which concluded that shoots can help deliver Welsh Government targets in both their Well-being of Future Generations Act and the Environment Act. Those working to conserve the Welsh countryside may feel equally frustrated that wildlife and jobs are being sacrificed to appease those opposed to shooting.’

The GWCT will continue to engage with the Welsh Government and NRW.

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