06 August 2019

Support GWCT by signing up to Shoot Sweepstake Scheme

E Yorks High 4 Line Of Guns Day

AHEAD of the new season, the Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust (GWCT) is urging shoots to sign up to a lucrative sweepstake initiative. 

The Shoot Sweepstake Scheme is a simple but effective way shoots across the country can raise vitally-important funds for the Trust, which has spent the past seven decades making the British countryside rich in game and wildlife.

There is no set system for the sweepstakes, it can be run on the day’s bag, the number of species or the number of empty cases. Some shoots prefer a system of fines for shooting white pheasants, shooting before the whistle or for the dirtiest pair of boots.

The basic premise, like all sweepstake schemes, is that those shooting are asked to guess how many head will be shot. Whoever guesses nearest to the correct number will split the takings with the GWCT which will reward the contributor with one bottle of sloe gin per £100 raised.

Funds raised from each sweepstake enables the GWCT to monitor the migration of woodcock from the UK through the use of satellite tags, monitor and fund equipment for our predation team, investigate causes of gamebird decline in the UK and brief Government, farmers and landowners to ensure they receive the correct scientific-based facts on conservation.

GWCT regional organiser Max Kendry said: “This is something every size of shoot can participate in, from the small syndicate shoot to the larger commercial shoot. It really is a great way of having a bit of fun on a shoot day and giving the people who should be contributing to the Trust’s work, the guns, an opportunity to make a difference.

Each sweepstake will receive a collection tube, shoot cards, stand markers, cartridge refuse bags, wall planner, various pamphlets and Good Shooting Guide, all free of charge.

To request an order form, contact membership@gwct.org.uk or call Heather Acors on 01425 651024. 

Notes to editors

The Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust – providing research-led conservation for a thriving countryside. The GWCT is an independent wildlife conservation charity which has carried out scientific research into Britain’s game and wildlife since the 1930s. We advise farmers and landowners on improving wildlife habitats. We employ 22 post-doctoral scientists and 50 other research staff with expertise in areas such as birds, insects, mammals, farming, fish and statistics. We undertake our own research as well as projects funded by contract and grant-aid from Government and private bodies. The Trust is also responsible for a number of Government Biodiversity Action Plan species and is lead partner for grey partridge and joint lead partner for brown hare and black grouse.

ISDN radio broadcast line – at our Fordingbridge HQ we have an ISDN radio broadcast line, allowing us to conduct interviews remotely.

For information, contact:
Kate Williams
Telephone: 01425 651000
Email: press@gwct.org.uk

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