Game conservation on croplands in Great Britain.

Author Middleton, A.D.
Citation Middleton, A.D. (1947). Game conservation on croplands in Great Britain. In: Proceedings of United Nations Scientific Conference on the Conservation and Utilisation of Resources: Wildlife and Fish Resources. Game and Fur Conservation: 190-195. United Nations, New York.


The British system of intensive game management on crop lands is described.  The shootable crop of partridges and pheasants depends largely upon the increased survival rate and density due to protection from natural mortality factors and the maintenance of a favourable environment.  It is suggested that this object is best achieved by the employment of gamekeepers covering small areas.  Carefully regulated shooting of the game crop is an important factor in the management of fluctuating populations. This should be based upon census data and knowledge of the productivity and carrying capacity of the land for game.  Artificial propagation plays little part in British game conservation at the present time and good results are obtained on suitable range by management of their wild stock.

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