Additional records of Protocalliphora (Diptera) in birds' nests

Author Owen, D.F., & Ash, J.S.
Citation Owen, D.F., & Ash, J.S. (1955). Additional records of Protocalliphora (Diptera) in birds' nests. British Birds, 48: 225-229.


In an earlier paper (Owen, 1954) a request was made for records of parasitic dipterous flies Protocalliphora azurea (Fallen) from the nests of birds in Britain. In this paper the biology of this fly was outlined very briefly and many European, American and some other records were summarized. The present paper is intended as a summary of information received, and includes also a list of birds whose nests have been examined for this insect (Appendix).

The records of Protocalliphora given here have been derived from the following sources . J. S. Ash (Sunninghill, Berkshire, 1948 and 1949), D. F. Owen (Wytham, Berkshire, 1954) ; and also J. K. Bates (SVytham), J. Coulson (Durham), I. J. Ferguson-Lees (Sussex), D. Kime (Huntingdon) and G. R. Mountfort (Buckinghamshire), to all of whom we are extremely grateful for placing the records at our disposal.

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