The collection of game statistics in Great Britain.

Author Harradine, J. & Tapper, S.C.
Citation Harradine, J. & Tapper, S.C. (1981). The collection of game statistics in Great Britain. In: Leeuwenberg, F. & Hepburn, I. (eds) Proceedings of the First meeting of the IUGB Working Group on Game Statistics: 59-64. Supplement to the Proceedings of the XV Congress of the International Union of Game Biologists. Working Group on Game Statistics, Wildlife Management Division, Zoetermeer, The Netherlands.


There is little government involvement in shooting in Britain, consequently the collection of game statistics is carried out mainly by two independent organisations relying on voluntary co-operation and funding.

The British Association for Shooting and Conservation (B.A.S.C.) established a National Shooting Survey (NSS) In 1979 with the primary objective of obtaining the best estimates of the numbers of the different quarry species of birds shot each year in Great Britain, and the timing and geographical distribution of this kill, with special emphasis on the migratory species of waterfowl.

The Game Conservancy has operated a National Game Census since 1961 with the object of monitoring the status of important game species in Great Britain.

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