Red Grouse production and management in relation to tourism.

Author Hudson, P.J.
Citation Hudson, P.J. (1982). Red Grouse production and management in relation to tourism. In: Hearn, K. (ed.) Moorlands: Wildlife Conservation, Amenity and Recreation: 45-54. Report 8. Recreation Ecology Research Group.


In comparisons between and within grouse moors in the North of England, no association was found between the mean number of red grouse (Lagopus l. scoticus) shot and the level of tourist interference.  Results from a radio tracking study found no significant difference between those hens breeding closer and those further than 100m of a public right of way.  Uncontrolled dogs disturb more grouse than dogs under control.  Management techniques for grouse are discussed in relation to the requirements of tourism and it is suggested that only if the multiple use of the uplands by grouse, sheep and tourism aare maintained, can the habitat be conserved.

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