Towards a realistic simulation model for Woodcock populations.

Author Potts, G.R. & Hirons, G.J.M.
Citation Potts, G.R. & Hirons, G.J.M. (1983). Towards a realistic simulation model for Woodcock populations. In: Kalchreuter, H. (ed.) Proceedings of the Second European Snipe and Woodcock Workshop: 83-91. International Waterfowl Research Bureau, Slimbridge.


This study is an attempt to quantify population behaviour of the Woodcock (Scolopax rusticola) by computer modelling. Thus several model parameters, such as mortality factors, survival rates, population densities at different stages of the life cycle were approached using available data. Though more research is required, there is evidence for  density dependent mortality in the survival of adult woodcock, as proven in several other gamebirds. With this assumption a computer simulation model of population dynamics was applied for calculation of maximum sustainable yield (MSY) as well as of the effects of shooting bans during cold winters on woodcock populations

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