The Brown Hare.

Author Tapper, S.C.
Citation Tapper, S.C. (1987). The Brown Hare. Shire Natural History Series, Shire Publications, Aylesbury.


The hare is a delightful animal of the countryside and has had a close relationship with man and agriculture since Roman times.  A lot of folklore has grown up around it, but new research work on its behaviour and ecology is for the first time giving us a clear insight into the biology of this fascinating animal.  In the past farmers have always taken the hare's continued abundance on arable land very much for granted, but modern methods of farming have brought new pressures which have caused their numbers to decline.  A sound understanding of an animal's biology is the main requirement for successful conservation, and this book presents a straightforward account of the state of knowledge, the main pressures on and interests in the hare, and what measures can be taken to ensure its continued presence on our farms.

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