The role of non-target beneficial insects.

Author Sotherton, N.W.
Citation Sotherton, N.W. (1989). The role of non-target beneficial insects. In: Proceedings of a Symposium: Insect Control Strategies and the Environment: 86-97. Imperial Chemical Industries Agrochemicals, Fernhurst.


The occurrence of a third group of non-target beneficial insects other than pollinators or pest natural enemies is described. This group contains a range of insects that are vital dietary items in the food chains of other species of farmland wildlife.

The importance of this third group of beneficial insects is illustrated by reference to long-term studies of wild species of game bi rds. High rates of chick survival are governed by the plentiful availability of preferred chick- food insects. Densities of such preferred insect species are in turn, governed principally by the intensity of pesticide use. The importance of relatively selective compounds such as pirimicarb are discussed. 

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