Field margins as habitats for game.

Author Aebischer, N.J., Blake, K.A. & Boatman, N.D.
Citation Aebischer, N.J., Blake, K.A. & Boatman, N.D. (1994). Field margins as habitats for game. In: Boatman, N.D. (ed.) Field Margins: Integrating Agriculture and Conservation: 95-104. BCPC Monograph No.58, British Crop Protection Council, Farnham.


Several game species make considerable use of field-margin habitats, in particular grey partridges, red-legged partridges, pheasants and hares. Generally speaking, field margins play a multiple role for these animals: they provide cover for nesting or shelter, they provide brood-rearing areas and they provide food. This paper briefly reviews current knowledge about such use, and presents results from recent work on nest-site selection by grey partridges. It highlights the features that the animals seek out preferentially, and discusses the implications in terms of integrating field-margin management with modern crop husbandry and EU regulations.

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