Electric Fishing: A Complete Guide to Theory and Practice.

Author Beaumont, W.R.C.
Citation Beaumont, W.R.C. (2011). Electric Fishing: A Complete Guide to Theory and Practice. Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust, Fordingbridge, Hampshire.


The Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust's Salmon & Trout Research Centre on the River Frome is directly involved in the international effort to research wild salmon declines and their causes, and the entire river catchment has been transformed into an impressive natural river laboratory. To date, this research facility which comprises the most technically advanced scientific monitoring equipment of any river in the country, has collected nearly 40 years of data which will make an important contribution to the future management of adult salmon.

Bill Beaumont has over 35 years experience of electric fishing in habitats ranging from mountain tops to lowland rivers. He is also the author of the Environment Agency Guidelines for Electric Fishing Best Practice.

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