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The LIFE Waders for Real Project is delivered by a collaboration between the GWCT Wetlands and Predation Research departments. This combined approach allows us to pool skills and expertise to improve the fate of breeding waders. If you wish to discuss our current work or ask for advice on management then do please get in touch with our team via info@gwct.org.uk.

Wetlands Research


GWCT LIFE Waders For Real _Wetlands Team

Lizzie Grayshon, Project Officer (left)

Lizzie is our overall Project Officer. Lizzie oversees much of the projects work on the ground. Prior to LIFE Waders for Real, Lizzie worked on wader conservation projects in the UK and Canada. Lizzie is conducting research on wader breeding success, improving habitats and trailing non-lethal methods of predator exclusion. Lizzie should be your first port of call for any advice related to waders and wetlands.

Clive Bealey, Project Assistant (middle left)

Clive has been working in the Avon Valley for over a decade with 30 years of experience as a freelance ecologist. Clive acts as a consultant on LIFE Waders for Real utilising his advanced botanical survey skills to gain a better understanding of the impact of meadow quality on breeding waders and associated ecosystem services.

Ryan Burrell, Project Assistant (middle right)

Ryan joined the project in 2018 under our project extension. Ryan is concentrating on investigating the breeding success of lapwing on habitats adjacent to wet meadow grassland and monitoring predator abundance using camera trapping. He leads on project communications to make sure the knowledge we are developing under the project reaches farmers, landowners, gamekeepers and importantly the local community.

Jodie Case, Project Assistant (right)

Jodie volunteered on the project whilst undertaking her undergraduate degree at Sparsholt College, one of our project partners. Fortunately, in 2018 we managed to employ her as part of the team. Jodie is involved in all aspects of the project across predation and wetlands, with a focus on studying the diet of Red Fox in wet meadow habitats. 

 Predation Research


GWCT LIFE Waders For Real _Predation Team

Mike Short, Predation Manager (left)

Mike is a key part of the Predation Team at GWCT and has been working on predator management, both non-lethal and lethal methods for over 20 years. Mike leads on our work GPS-tracking foxes and understanding their diet in the Avon Valley. Alongside providing advice to our keepers, landowners and partners on predator management.

Tom Porteus, Post-Doctoral Researcher (middle)

After recently finishing his PhD at GWCT investigating the population dynamics of Red Fox Vulpes vulpes, Tom contributes part of his time to LIFE Waders for Real collecting data on predator abundance and uses his knowledge of advanced statistical methods to gain insights from our predator monitoring. 

Johnathan Reynolds, Head of Predation Studies (right)

Johnathan leads the Predation Research team at GWCT. His career has focused on working on key mammalian predators, how predation is controlled on shooting estates and wider conservation scenarios.

Project Management


Project Management Test

Dr Andrew Hoodless, Senior Officer (left)

As Head of Wetlands Research at the GWCT, Andrew specialises in the ecology of waders and has been directly involved in research on waders in the Avon Valley for the past decade. Andrew was the lead author on our successful LIFE application and leads on project management and keeps the project on track.

Paul Stephens, Project Administrator (middle)

After a varied background on ecological projects, Paul developed a crucial talent at successfully seeking grants to fund important work like LIFE Waders for Real. Paul leads on project administration which allow our ecologists to focus on the work they do best. 

Ben Stephens, Project Administrator (right)

Ben is a relatively recent addition to the team and assists Paul and Andrew with all aspects of project management alongside his involvement in several other EU-funded projects.

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