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GWCT Welsh Game Fair - Interview with Cai ap Bryn

The GWCT's Lee Oliver interviews Cai ap Bryn at the 2022 GWCT Welsh Game Fair.

The benefits of tree planting and game management on farms

Julian Fenwick manages a mixed hill farm along with a small pheasant shoot near Machynlleth, Powys, whilst his son Nick is the Head of Policy for the Farmers’ Union for Wales (FUW). Both discuss with Projects Manager Lee Oliver the benefits of tree planting and game management on farms, but highlight the actions that need to be taken to ensure these practices are successful. Julian and Nick Fenwick are a part of our GWCT Wales Farming Community series. Visit to see more videos and case studies, to learn more about the aims of the Farming Community, and to sign up.

Chef Bryn Williams interviewed at the Welsh Game Fair 2022

In Welsh/Yn Gymraeg:

“You can’t be green if you’re in the red” – John Yeomans

Near Newtown in Powys, John Yeomans and his family run a mixed livestock farm where they are trialling various techniques to improve their soil and livestock health. In conjunction with this, they have adapted the management of the numerous habitats on their farm to support local wildlife.

The GWCT's Lee Oliver interviews Gareth Wyn Jones during a shoot day in Wales

A silent auction was held during the Welsh Game Fair in September 2022, with the auction day lot being donated and all proceeds going towards our Llŷn Woodcock Project this season. The project involves three estates, Glasfryn, Cefn Amwlch, Nanhoron, as well as other landowners, undertaking ringing, GPS trackers, and thermal surveys.

BBC Radio Wales Country Focus: A Farmed Wildlife Haven

One of the original Welsh Working Conservationists Terry Mills of Cruglas Farm (a farm participating in the Bro Cors Caron SMS) was recently the subject of an episode of Country Focus on BBC Radio Wales, which was broadcast on 24 July 2022.

Conservation in action at Cefn Amwlch

Dafydd Wynne Finch, Farm Owner and Carwyn, Farm Manager tell their conservation journey in practice at Cefn Amwlch, a shared dairy farm with a rotational grazing system. Jersey cross cows are milked here, with a focus on milk solids – butter, fats & protein, for cheese making. Cefn Amwlch is one of the farms whose story will be featured in the upcoming GWCT Wales Farm Network – launching at the Royal Welsh Show – more information to follow.

GWCT Wales & Ceredigion Local Nature Partnership Farmland Feeder Project

GWCT Wales have entered a collaborative project with the Ceredigion Local Nature Partnership (CLNP), with the ambition of encouraging farmers across Ceredigion to perform supplementary feeding.

Why farmers are the future of the Welsh environment - Gareth Wyn Jones

Upland farming, wildlife conservation and carbon are covered within this discussion with sheep farmer, Gareth Wyn Jones. Disclaimer: Please note there is currently a voluntary moratorium on shooting black grouse at the time of sharing this video and in reference to 'mountain' hare, Gareth is referring to brown hares.

From field to fork - an interview with Welsh chef Bryn Williams

Welsh chef Bryn Williams talks to GWCT Wales Project Manager Lee Oliver about his 25 acre farm which helps supply his two restaurants with fresh ingredients.

Woodcock ringing at night with Owen Williams

All bird ringing is conducted under licenses issued by the British Trust for Ornithology. Filmed by Ted Cornish, part funded by Welsh Government Green Recovery Fund.

Why is Himalayan balsam a problem?

SMS Elwy Valley Cynnal Coetir Project update.

Cynnal Coetir - Himalayan Balsam

The process of analysing Himalayan Balsam data sets across the year.

Soil Health Matters

Castle Hill Farm Tour, Patrick & Peter Loxdale; Soil Health Matters Event, July 2021 - themes covered include Regenerative Agriculture, Soil Health, Composting Manure & Organic Farming.

Dr Andrew Hoodless, GWCT Head of Research and keynote speaker at the GWCT Wales Soil Health Matters event, hosted by The Loxdale Family.

GWCT Wales Soil Health Matters event at Castle Hill Farm, kindly hosted by the Loxdale Family. Owen Williams presents "Are Woodcock a good indicator species for soil health?"

Elwy Valley: Impact of Grey Squirrels on Woodland

Behind the scenes with GWCT Wales Projects Manager Lee Oliver as part of the Elwy Valley SMS Project developing bark stripping survey methodologies, working alongside Dr Craig Shuttleworth from The Red Squirrel Trust.

BBC Farming Today

Matt Goodall discusses supplementary feeding for farmland birds on BBC Farming Today.

The Welsh Farmland Bird Initiative

Conducting a ‘Big Farmland Bird Count’ / Cynnal arolwg ‘Cyfrif Mawr Adar Ffermdir’

This video was produced to show the practicalities of conducting a Big Farmland Bird Count. It was shown during a webinar run by FUW (Farmers Union of Wales) on 1 Feb 2021. The majority of the video is bilingual except the interview with the farmer involved; we are awaiting subtitles for this section which will be added ASAP.

Cynhyrchwyd y fideo hwn i ddangos ymarferoldeb cynnal 'Cyfrif Mawr Adar Ffermdir', fe'i dangoswyd yn ystod gweminar a gynhaliwyd gan Undeb Amaethwyr Cymru (FUW) ar 1 Chwefror 2021. Mae'r rhan fwyaf o'r fideo yn ddwyieithog ac eithrio'r cyfweliad â'r ffermwr dan sylw, rydym yn aros am isdeitlau ar gyfer yr adran hon a fydd yn cael eu hychwanegu cyn gynted a phosib.

BFBC FUW webinar

The Big Farmland Bird Count Webinar was kindly hosted by the Farmers Union of Wales on 1 February 2021. It features an introduction from Glyn Roberts, FUW President and presentations from Matt Goodall, GWCT Wales Advisor, and farmer John Yeomans, who is an FUW member. Also included is the BFBC demonstration video by Lee Oliver, GWCT Wales Advisor.

Big Farmland Bird Count

This Big Farmland Bird Count evening was held on 2 February 2021 and kindly hosted by BIS, Biodiversity Information Service. It features a BFBC presentation from Matt Goodall, Advisor Wales, and was preceded by a farmland bird identification presentation from ornithologist Simon Boyes, which can be found here.

Shooting Matters

This video was made at an event where Dr Tracey Latham-Green answered questions on her PhD paper, Understanding the Social Impact of Participation in Driven Game Shooting in the UK. Sue Evans, Director of GWCT Wales, outlined the content and purpose of the Welsh Community Spirit Report at the Q&A session which followed.

Sir Jim Paice, Chairman of the GWCT and former UK Minister of Agriculture and Food, chairs the meeting alongside the Northamptonshire and Buckinghamshire GWCT Committee’s Antony Sykes, who hosted this virtual event in January 2021 based around his interview with Tracey about her PhD work on social impacts of driven game shooting. The two pieces of work cross over, showing how the game-shooting community can play its part in social cohesion and mental health support with wider society, especially with the focus on provision in rural areas.

Country Focus

An interview with GWCT Wales Advisor Matt Goodall discussing the Big Farmland Bird Count on the BBC Radio Wales Country Focus programme on 31 January 2021.