Songbird Appeal

Skylarks and Song Thrushes have halved in number.

You are now far less likely to see a beautiful Lapwing with numbers declining by 80%.

ChiffchaffThese declines have been driven by a switch to more intensive farming techniques as food demand increases, reducing vital food sources and habitats for songbirds.

There is now a real danger that you, your children and your grandchildren will lose the chance to see and hear these beautiful birds unless the decline is halted right now.

GWCT research holds the key 

Our experienced team of scientists increased songbird numbers by 42% at our Allerton Project farm. They achieved this by researching different management approaches and developing innovative solutions such as beetle banks, now used by nearly 400 farms across Britain.

We specialise in this type of scientific work and it holds the key to reversing the decline in songbird populations.

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