Our Mission


The mission of Game Conservancy USA (GCUSA), is to promote the conservation of game and wildlife and their habitats worldwide, primarily through the support of the research and educational initiatives of the United Kingdom’s Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust (GWCT).

The GWCT (www.gwct.org.uk) is the leading UK charity conducting practical research into the enhancement of the countryside for the public benefit, employing over 60 research scientists whose focus is the following objectives:

  • To promote for the public benefit the conservation of game and its associated flora and fauna;
  • To conduct research into game and wildlife management (including the use of game animals as a natural resource) and the effects of farming and other land management practices on the environment, and to publish the useful results of such research;
  • To advance the education of the public and those managing the countryside in the effects of farming and management of land which is sympathetic to game and other wildlife;
  • To conserve game and wildlife for the public benefit including: where it is for the protection of the environment, the conservation or promotion of biological diversity through the provision, conservation, restoration, or enhancement of a natural habitat; or the maintenance or recovery of a species in its natural habitat