26 February 2021

An Update on the Five-Year Transition Towards Sustainable Ammunition


As the five-year transition towards sustainable ammunition continues, it is to be welcomed that large parts of the shooting community have recognised the need for change.

Despite the uncertainty caused by Covid-19, a significant number of people have embraced technological
developments in ammunition and, as far as the shooting season allowed, used new cartridges to great
effect on all species of live quarry. The arrival of these new, effective, field-tested products in the
marketplace is to be celebrated and lays the foundation for a continued transition away from single-use
plastic and lead shot.

The UK Government has also shown support for shooting’s voluntary five-year transition away from the
use of lead ammunition in game shooting, indicating that this sort of self-regulation and progression
should prevent more punitive legislation in the future.

Indeed, a proposed amendment to the Environment Bill to ban lead shot within two years was rejected by
Parliament this year, with Defra saying: “The new clause falls short of what shooting organisations are
calling for. Organisations… are calling for an end within five years to both lead and single use plastics.
They are talking about it seriously.”

The year ahead will see further research, education and training to ensure the shooting community has
the tools and evidence to make informed choices. Further patterning and penetration studies are
underway to build our knowledge base and aid the transition.

The pandemic has inevitably slowed progress, but the organisations believe the developments in
ammunition, evidence collected in trials and the willingness of our community to learn about effective
alternatives continues to keep us on a steady path to transition.

We also welcome the work undertaken by cartridge manufacturers to help secure a successful transition.

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