Additional regulation

Additional legislation

  • The hen harrier is already fully protected, yet is being killed because of a wildlife conflict that remains unaddressed. The Defra hen harrier management plan and brood management scheme does address the conflict and should be given a chance to work where legislation has failed.
  • Since current legislation can be used to provide managed solutions to the few conservation conflicts that are present in the uplands we see no benefit in additional legislation.

Licensing of grouse moors

  • Many management practices used by grouse moors such as heather burning, predator control and medication, are already regulated by legislation and by the site-specific requirements of Natural England on designated sites. Additional regulation has not been required to deliver the other considerable benefits being delivered by driven grouse moors.
  • We see no benefit in licensing grouse moors because it does not address the wildlife conflict between red grouse and hen harriers.

What measurable outcomes are those proposing greater regulation trying to achieve, and why do they feel the extensive existing regulation can’t achieve them?

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