Project aims

LapwingThe objectives are, through a unique combination of habitat restoration and innovative targeted, seasonal exclusion, monitoring and tracking of predators, to:

  1. Increase lapwing numbers in the Avon Valley through the novel approach of creating strategic ‘hotspots’ of optimum habitat with reduced predation pressure.
  2. Increase numbers of lapwing chicks fledged at ‘hotspots’ to the point where breeding densities become sufficient to enable lapwings to better fend off potential predators on their own.
  3. Halt the decline of redshank in the Avon Valley by increasing productivity.
  4. Create conditions to encourage snipe to return to breed.
  5. Using a new approach called ‘Planning for Real’ to deliver sustainable conservation actions.
  6. Demonstrate how far habitat manipulation can be used to push the balance in favour of waders rather than predators. We will assess predator behaviour in manipulated landscapes.
  7. Demonstrate the most appropriate techniques for the efficient assessment and exclusion of predators and quantify any benefit or problems associated with predation control.
  8. Quantify the costs of different techniques for increasing wader breeding success and the timescale over which this translates into higher wader numbers.
  9. Monitor the effects of restoration for waders on other key elements of floodplain biodiversity, particularly the flora, invertebrates and wintering wildfowl.

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