Shoot Sweepstakes

A sweepstake is a simple, effective and fun way of raising money during the shooting season to support the work of the Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust. The sweepstake can be run on the day’s bag, the number of species or the number of empty cases. Some shoots prefer a system of fines for shooting white pheasants, shooting before the whistle or for the dirtiest pair of boots.

The basic premise of a sweepstake is that all those shooting are asked to guess how many head will be shot on payment of any amount from £1 upwards (usually more to make it worthwhile winning!). We suggest that at the end of the day, half the takings are given to the person nearest to the correct number and the remainder to the Trust.

Where the Trust might differ from other schemes is on the supporting literature and the ancillary items that we supply to help you run a successful sweepstake. Individuals can select what they want from a variety of options such as fantastic shoot cards illustrated by Owen Williams, a money collection tube, stand markers, and cartridge refuse bags, as well as helpful literature including the Code of Good Shooting Practice. The cards have been specially rebranded with our Scotland logo and colours and all these items These item are free of charge to members of the sweepstake scheme. Should you require further order forms for these items please contact Scottish HQ on 01738 551511.Scottish Sweep Order form

After submitting the monies raised during the season the Trust will reward the contributor with one bottle of Sloe Gin per £100 raised. (We are able to deliver cases in multiples of 6 or 12 by courier, however due to the impracticalities of mailing individual bottles or part cases, we write to those contributors a few weeks before the Scottish Game Fair at Scone inviting them or a representative to collect from the GWCT Stand).

At the end of the season please send your monies by cheque, made payable to the Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust to Irene Johnston at GWCT Scottish HQ, Unit 95, Perth Airport, Scone PH2 6PL. Don't forget to include the shoot name and contact details. On receipt of your cheque, we will send a letter of thanks acknowledging the donation and provide a certificate to display in your shoot room.

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