Getting busy with bees

Bumble Bee on PhaceliaThe Scottish Grey Partridge Project recently welcomed Anthony McCluskey from the Bumble Bee Conservation Trust (BCT). He surveyed the farm to see what bee species were buzzing around the project. We were pleased that the wild flower margins which have been put in place for grey partridge had a number of bees actively using these areas, with six bee species being recorded. We are hoping to build on this initial survey and to monitor bees across the farm at different times of the year to establish a better picture of what is natural available to support pollinators. 

Bees have also been on our mind in the uplands! The GWCT has contributed to a factsheet for moorland managers which provides guidance on how to support moorland bee species. ‘Managing moorland for bumblebees’ provides information on management practices such as muirburn, livestock grazing and bracken control. We hope this factsheet will raise the profile of pollinators in the uplands and the good work moorland managers do to support them.