Project resources

Below are documents produced by the LIFE Waders for Real team so far. Further project outputs will be made available over the course of the project.  

Project Reports 

LIFE Waders for Real Lay Summary

This document provides an overall summary of the entire project written in an accessible manner with non-technical language. 

LIFE Waders for Real Final Report

This report summarises all aspects of the LIFE Waders for Real project in detail.

LIFE Waders for Real End of Project Outcomes Report

Our End of Project conference and associated wader conservation workshop was extremely successful. This document summarises the discussions at and outcomes of this event. 

LIFE Waders for Real After-LIFE Communications Plan

Ensuring continuation of many aspects of LIFE Waders for Real is crucial to mantain postive outcomes. This report summarises how we hold to build of the successes of LIFE Waders for Real.

Project Materials

Project leaflet 2014

Our leaflet written at the start of the project which summarises what we want to achieve. 

 Project leaflet 2018

Leaflet updated at the beginning of 2018 with our progress so far.

 Project noticeboard

This poster has been erected at various public sites in the valley. Informing and updating the local community about our project and the efforts of our stakeholders is important to achieve long-term recovery of breeding waders.

 Colour-ring re-sighting poster

Colour-ring resightings are important to understand where our birds go in winter and where juveniles are breeding. This poster has been erected at several locations in the valley and surrounding areas where colour-ringed lapwing from our project have been observed. 

Project Articles 

GWCT Annual Review 2014 – Reversing the decline of waders

An introduction the LIFE Waders for Real project and historic declines of waders in the Avon Valley.

 GWCT Annual Review 2016 – Breeding wader recovery in the Avon Valley

Lizzie Grayshon, our project ecologist gives insight into the survival of lapwing chicks from our radio tracking study and discusses how our habitat management is helping.

 GWCT Annual Review 2017 – Lapwing nest predation and predator monitoring in the Avon Valley

Monitoring and improving nest survival alongside understanding the suite of predators using our hotspot sites is important for establishing breeding wader recovery.

 GWCT Annual Review 2017 – Ecology of Foxes in the Avon Valley

We must gain a better understanding Red Fox Vulpes vulpes behaviour in wet meadow grassland. To do this we are utilising GPS tracking and dietary studies with this article provides an update on what we have learnt so far.

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