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Waders Tales Blog

WaderTales blogs are written by Graham Appleton, to celebrate waders and wader research. Many of the blogs are based on previously published papers, with the aim of making wader science available to a broader audience. Our team highly recommend these for interesting and accessible updates on Wader conservation science.

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LIFE Project Godwit

Project Godwit is a five-year, EU LIFE-funded project undertaking action, research and engagement to secure the long-term future of this species in the UK. The remaining Black-tailed Godwit breeding in the UK, do so on lowland wet grassland in East Anglia. Our projects overlap on several topics, such as habitat management and predator exclusion so we are working closely to the benefit of both projects and our populations.

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Curlew Country

Curlew, like Lapwing and Redshank are iconic waders and are a UK conservation priority. Curlew Country are researching methods of improve Curlew productivity in the Shropshire and Welsh Marches. We are working closely with their team to share insights and knowledge on habitat management and predator exclusion to benefit breeding waders.

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This website is the output of a knowledge exchange partnership between scientists, conservationists as well as farmers and other stakeholders involved in the Lapwing conservation. It aims at giving both the necessary background information as well as practical advice for a better protection of the species in Europe and will be updated on a regular basis. The Waders for Real team is part of this partnership.   

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LIFE Laser Fence

The LIFE Laser Fence project aims to develop an innovative technology, Agrilaser, to keep animals away from agricultural fields. It will be demonstrated in Scotland and Spain. The technology involves using a laser fence as an alternative to chemicals or harmful barriers. Under LIFE Waders for Real we are trailing electric fencing to exclude predators, it may be that the Agrilaser system provides an alternative non-lethal method of exclusion.

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