Consultation: on the passion for Welsh game shooting and the resulting benefits for wildlife

Shooting Syndicate

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There is currently great pressure on shooting from groups such as Wild Justice, with their challenging of General Licences.

In Wales in particular the Ministers banned shooting on public land, even though NRW recommended that it should not be banned as a result of the scientific evidence largely presented by GWCT. It is important that those in a position to influence policy and regulation should understand why shooting is important to you.

We at the GWCT have the scientific evidence to demonstrate the good that can be delivered for nature from shooting but what about communities and culture? We want you to tell us why shooting, beating and picking up is such an important part of your life by taking this short survey.

Part of my testimony includes how my 12 and 13 year old sons are passionate about shooting and they love to go beating on a Saturday. It gets us all out of the house in appalling winter weather and we walk miles which helps to keep us fit. Please share your testimonies here about your passion for shooting and what it benefits so that we can share your testimonies along with our science.

There are 12 questions which should take you less than 10 minutes to answer. All responses will be anonymized. Thank you for your help.

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