Brown hare

We helped draw up a code of practice for managing brown hare, taking into account their welfare and conservation and their potential damage to crops.

Mountain hare

Mountain hare populations are limited by both habitat and other species of hare. In the UK they are found in the Scottish Highlands, the Southern Uplands and the Peak District.


In some parts of the UK, deer numbers are excessive and having a detrimental effect on the flora and the natural regeneration of woodland. We advise landowners on population management.


Foxes can be found across mainland Britain and Ireland. Its fortunes have essentially been determined by human activity.

Water vole

The water vole has gone from Britain's commonest small mammal to its fastest declining mammal. Habitat degradation and loss can be addressed but mink predation is a big issue.

American mink

American mink were an accidental addition to the UK in the 20th century. They do serious damage to penned birds, waterfowl, and fish in ponds and rivers.