Facts and figures

  • Grey partridge (www.davidkjaer.com)We employ over 100 staff, including many scientists, and run over 60 research projects - many in collaboration with universities supervising PhD students.
  • We have an annual income of £6.8 million mostly coming from members, donations, fundraising events, sponsorship and charitable trusts. The rest is in the form of grants and contracts.
  • We have thousands of members and their subscriptions are one of our biggest single sources of income.
  • We publish scientific papers in peer-reviewed journals.
  • We have over £3m worth of press coverage (advertising equivalent), mainly on conservation and game management.
  • Our work is regularly featured on radio and television including: The Telegraph, Farming Today, the Today Programme, BBC Scotland's Landward, Shooting Times, Sporting Shooter and many more.
  • We run educational courses, conferences and seminars each year. Our scientists and advisory staff are frequently invited to speak as guests at other conferences.
  • We give on-farm game management and conservation advice throughout the country.
  • We work with many other countryside organisations including government departments and agencies.

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