July 2013: Labour’s policy review on wildlife: What should be included?

The publication of the State of Nature report in May 2013 highlighted a number of key factors with regards to our wildlife. The story appears to be the same: a number of our native species are declining despite our current efforts to enhance and protect them. The 2020 biodiversity targets have, essentially, been shelved in favour of a more holistic approach to our environment. Furthermore, there appears to be the possibility of a growing conflict over the management of our wildlife, whether over the issuing of licences to control buzzards from damaging rural businesses in exceptional cases, over how to control our hare populations, or over the use of snares.

It is time for reflection and the APPG wants to help elucidate the discussion. If our current methods are failing and there are a number of environmental conflicts, what should be included in future wildlife policy?


  • Mary Creagh MP, Shadow Secretary of State for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs
  • Dr Alastair Leake, Director of Policy, GWCT
  • Andrew Clark, Head of Policy Services, National Farmers Union