July 2017: The Agriculture Bill: Profitable farming and the environment

A unique opportunity for both

APPGThe government’s new Agriculture Bill is designed to provide stability to the farming sector and to support farmers in the global marketplace whilst also protecting the environment. This reinforces a widely held view that a viable and robust farming sector is necessary to ensure the protection of the environment.

The formulation of a domestic agricultural and environmental policy will involve addressing a number of questions such as:

  • Can we have a viable farming sector without support?
  • What form should any support take?
  • How best to engage the farming and landowning communities in delivery for the environment?
  • Are the aspirations of the Lawton Review - “more, bigger, better and joined” - achievable alongside a competitive farming sector?
  • Are the uplands a special case?


  • Professor Georgina Mace CBE FRS, Head of the Centre for Biodiversity and Environment Research, University College London
  • Dr Alastair Leake, Director of Policy and the Allerton Project, Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust