November 2017: Making regulation effective: scientific evidence or the precautionary principle?

APPGRegulation is a complex intra-disciplinary subject, but many commentators have acknowledged that there is scope for reform of existing EU regulations. Formulating the UK’s post-Brexit regulatory regime will involve addressing key questions, such as:

  • Has the precautionary principle stifled innovation and proved costly to business?
  • Would the UK as a standalone WTO trading nation be challenged if it retained this approach?
  • Is there sufficient science to support changes in health and welfare standards that the UK consumer would accept?
  • Would deviation from the precautionary principle undermine attempts at a FTA with EU27?
  • What would a domestic regulatory system look like? And how would it be enforced?

Guest speakers

  • Sarah Mukherjee - Chief Executive Officer, Crop Protection Association
  • Nick Mole - Policy Officer, Pesticide Action Network UK


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